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2020 has been a tough year for us and the pandemic has changed our lives in every single way, especially how we live and work. As people are gradually returning to work in offices, the working environment has influenced design trends heavily this year and this will continue into the near future.

While many people consider hygiene and cleanliness when it comes to renovating a workplace, many companies are also thinking to make the space more comfortable in order to motivate the employees. After all, creating a pleasant and efficiency-driven office is always a good idea to get workers through this difficult time and help bring back the economy as quickly as possible. Here are 4 ways to help you design a better work environment.  

Multi-functional workspace

Using different lights, simple and lightweight furniture or even movable walls achieves dynamic flexibility in a workspace. This allows the employees to transform a space into different environments, from production studio to meeting room or to a private working area in a short period of time. Multi-purpose office spaces are designed to meet the needs of our increasing multidisciplinary business world.

A sense of community

Designing more comfortable and welcoming workplaces that promote a sense of a community can make employees more satisfied about their work and improve their efficiency. In order to achieve that, companies can feature bars, game rooms, cafes, TVs, gyms and other hospitality settings to encourage employees to return to the office.

Homey offices

It’s no secret that many of us have worked from home for months because of COVID-19. That means that businesses need to design their workspaces to promote social distancing and satisfy employee’s ever-changing needs. Use cushions, sofas, coffee tables, rugs, flowers and plants to redesign your office, creating more relaxed and comfortable homestyle environments for the employees. This can help them relieve their stress and be more satisfied while working in the office.

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Sustainable Design

Sustainable design has become a continuing trend in recent years and continues to grow and develop in new and exciting ways. The focus of this design trend is on creating a positive impact on environment and human well-being. These can include featuring gardens, recycled materials, live plants, natural lighting system, and nature-inspired flooring in your workspace.

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Elegantly combining contemporary and decorative design with superior acoustic performance, our Silentflor range provides a perfect solution for installations in the office sector, helping businesses to create trendy, inviting and productive work environments for employees.

Shade: Flaxen 9979; Meadow 9980; Teal 9978; Storm 9973
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The collection features excellent chemical resistance, impact sound reduction and on-trend wood, concrete and abstract design looks, offering a variety of bespoke and authentic options in any workspace without having to compromise on durability and performance.

Shade: Light Industrial Concrete 9969; Copper Ornamental 9971
Shade: Light Industrial Concrete 9969; Dark Industrial Concrete 9970; Meadow 9980

As one of the environmentally preferable flooring collections from Polyflor, Silentflor is also 100% recyclable and has achieved NF UPEC A+ certification.

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