Your Sport and Slip-Resistant Flooring Solutions Supplier

Polyflor is a well-known Malaysian flooring solutions supplier where you can purchase anti-slip flooring. We specialize in the manufacture of high-quality non-slip flooring for all sorts of indoor sports floors and gyms, including badminton, basketball, and many others.

The Best Slip Resistant Flooring in Malaysia

Polyflor has a wealth of expertise in creating and providing high-quality non-slip flooring with maximum performance. All indoors sporting, event venues, and multipurpose stadiums can benefit from our sports flooring solutions.

Polyflor's sports flooring has a unique elastic characteristic that allows players to move freely, reducing injuries, and assuring peak performance. Our slip-resistant flooring is intended to be used by generation to generation of professionals. We strictly adhere to floor safety standards and performance requirements.

Get Our Sport Flooring in Malaysia Right Now!

So, if you're looking for our anti-slip flooring, we're here to give you high-quality services at an affordable price.

We also supply other products such as vinyl flooring for hospitals, school vinyl flooring, slip-resistant flooring, and other vinyl flooring type. So please take a look through our flooring options and contact us when you have any questions.