5 interior design tips to build a trendy and Instagrammable brunch café

When it comes to creating a trendy and popular brunch café, the quality of food is not the only criteria for success. In the era of social media and online buzz, it suffices to say people, especially millennials and Gen Z’s, eat out not only for tasty food but also for a great overall experience.

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A gorgeous and Instagrammable interior ambience plays a more important role than ever in deciding how successful your café is going to be.

Follow these 5 interior design ideas and tips to help you attract your customers and make them keep coming back for more.  

Tip#1 Choose the right colour for your brand

Colour in your interior design is likely to be the first thing customers see when they enter your café. It can affect their mood and form their initial impression even before they order food. Some prefer wood effect shades like oaks or pines while others enjoy earth tones like concrete grey or green. No matter what colour you choose, make sure it can excite your customers and match your brand aesthetics.

Tip#2 Use natural or artificial lights

Make sure to use lights in your café interior ambience. A good lighting design can draw more people’s attention to your café and stimulate customer’s appetite. For example, letting more natural light in during brunch time can make a smaller space seem larger as well as bringing a breezy vibe to your café. Plus, it is the best light to take perfect photos!

Tip#3 Create layouts that promote functionality and aesthetics

From simple tables and chairs to booth layouts, you have many options to choose from. But remember, your café layout should be practical and attractive at the same time.

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Tip#4 Use some unique furniture

Pick some unique furniture items which can help your café stand out from competitors. For example, use boxes or swings to replace the traditional chairs, making a more special dining experience for your patrons.

Tip#5 Play the right kind of music

Your music playlist can be an effective tool to resonate your café’s style and vibe, offering your customers the mood and aesthetics of your café in a different dimension.

To create the best commercial spaces requires flooring solutions that are tailor-made to suit your vision, The Expona Commercial range was created to realise this vision with reproductions of the widest range of natural and man-made materials combined with innovative modern finishes.

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The Expona Commercial collection of 80 shades spans a plethora of wood species, natural stone and man-made materials, each featuring a complementary surface texture for an authentic appearance.

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Expona floors are not just solutions, they are ideas upon which concepts can be built, and the finest commercial interior spaces can be created.

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