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Most people spend the majority of their lifetime in the office. So it comes as no surprise for corporates and employees to put an emphasis on improving working conditions. A variety of factors are highly considered, such as interior presentation, colour combinations, materials that contribute to physical and mental comfort for both the employers and employees. Ther are a number of world-renown companies that exceed our expectations when it comes to your daily office space.

Whether it is the Facebook office,

Facebook office, Palo Alto, California

Or Google,

Google office, Tokyo

Both companies have a great office environment to support their employees in performing their jobs to their most efficient capacity.

Yum China, Shanghai

Office space with great interior design can not only stimulate creative thinking but also help create the company culture.

Ahnlab, Seoul

Multiple research has proven that a well-designed workplace is a key factor to work efficiency and on improving work culture between teams from different departments, especially spaces that are designed for collaborative purposes.

In order to create an ideal working space, we need to start from the basics. Before you start picking your furniture, you might want to consider what flooring you would want in your office. Does it fit your architect's aesthetic vision? Is it easy to clean? Is it durable?

Product: Expona Commercial
Shade: Everglade Oak 4101

To create the best office space requires flooring solutions that are tailor-made to suit your vision. The Expona Commercial range was created to realise this vision with reproductions of the widest range of natural and man-made materials combined with innovative modern finishes. Expona is not just a byword for flooring expertise but a symbol of quality, representing the pinnacle of modern manufacturing techniques coupled with cutting edge trends.

The collection of 80 shades spans a plethora of wood species, natural stone and man-made materials, each featuring a complementary surface texture for an authentic appearance.

Shade: Amber Classic Oak 4087
Shade: Golden Chevron Parquet 4111
Shade: Warm Ash 4023
Shade: Sherwood Oak 4099

The Expona Commercial Wood collection features an extensive array of timber designs, offering a mix of tones, subtlety, and variation. Allowing you to create tailored interior spaces that are striking and alluring to the eye.

Shade: Porta Stone 5066
Shade: Exposed Concrete 5028 (Retired)

Expona Commercial Stone is an essential and contemporary collection of natural mineral designs and modern man-made materials, including clean and rustic stone effects, strong slate designs and raw industrial surfaces.

Shade: Liquorice Parchment 5106.
Shade: Light Contour 5045

Expona Commercial Abstract introduces creative and graphic interpretations, inspired by the everyday and appealing to the imagination. Innovation and individuality are the key influences for the collection, encouraging you to question the convention of standard floor design and imagine something more.