How do you create a safe and creative environment in daycare?

When it comes to creating daycare or childcare spaces, people commonly think it is not much different from other typical child environment spaces. However, many studies have shown how effective a well-designed play space can stimulate healthy brain development for children.

Use colours to wayfinding in daycare centre

Besides hygienic toys and colourful yet small furniture, safety design and floor planning should also be taken into consideration.

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Here are some tips to help you create a well-developed daycare and childcare centre that promotes safety, comfort and well-being whilst encouraging a childs’ early development.

Create learning and playing spaces for multi-age groups

childcare with a colorful interior

Daycare and child care centres are not only for babies and toddlers who have just started exploring the world but also for preschoolers who are looking for opportunities to practice their language and to improve their social skills.

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Thus, it remains important to continually take account of the children’s developmental stages, personalities, skills and interests when designing daycare or childcare interiors.

Teacher is teaching kids in daycare

Examples are avoiding items like scissors and ropes in the baby and toddler-centred areas, setting up painting and reading spots for preschoolers who prefer quieter activities, choosing simple toys like farm animals, blocks, musical instruments to provide “no rules for use” experiences for the kids with different interests from different age groups.

Use an open plan to create a safe daycare environment

Open plan in daycare

Supervisors and teachers should be able to look after and retain the kids at all times, especially if a kid is hurt, unwell or in even more extremely urgent situations.

Open floor design can help educators scan the room, do a headcount quickly, ensuring each kid is learning and playing safely in the room.

Daycare design should be educational and encourage creativity.

Daycare or Childcare Flooring 3

Palettone - _Heritage Hall 8634_Heather Honey 8631

Besides having enough toys and learning materials that promote different areas of intelligence, daycare or childcare interior is also playing an important role in early childhood development. As children learn through play, a daycare or childcare space should be both educational and playful.

Daycare interior

For example, apply different shapes, forms and colours on the floor and walls to create an intriguing environment for the kids, cultivating their abilities to imagine and be creative with the objects and features.

Colours and shapes can also be used for wayfinding or create a focal point for the education itself.

Create safe and clean daycares for children to play and learn

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Nobody can deny the importance of safety and cleanliness in a daycare or childcare environment. In fact, safety and cleanliness have become the new norm for all organizations since the pandemic.

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Here are 5 tips to help you create a safe and clean environment in daycare or childcare:

  1. Avoid using soft or sponge-like toys, which can be easily chewed or choked on by babies and toddlers.
  2. Choose common babyproofing or toddler proofing products like baby playpens, doorknob covers, baby monitors to enhance safety.
  3. Store all the things in an organized way.
  4. Recruit staff with early childhood education and offer them safety training regularly.
  5. Pick a durable, easy to clean and maintain flooring with different design options to inspire kids whilst keeping them healthy and safe.

Our Palettone PUR is a homogeneous flooring collection made by Polyflor in the UK that is typified by its excellent durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and design opportunities.

Daycare or Childcare Flooring 5

Palettone - Sunshine Meadow 8617; Hay Grain 8655

Featuring a solid colour base with complementary toned highlights in a palette of 50 shades. This product range is perfectly suited for those who are looking for creating a daycare or childcare space that nurtures childs' creativity and promotes early childhood development.

Palettone Shade card

Palettone shade card

Livesport Office interior

Project Throwback - Livesport Office, Prague
Palettone PUR - Regency Room 8629;Heritage Hall 8634;Sapphire Star 8649;English Garden 8618;Cayenne Heat 8633;Sunshine Meadow 8617;Dove Tail 8607;Heather Honey 8631;New Dawn 8630

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Palettone - Heritage Hall 8634; Heather Honey 8631

Similar to many Polyflor commercial sheet vinyl ranges, Palettone PUR offers a slip-resistance, hygienic and low-maintenance flooring solution with assured for at least 10 years in recommended use areas. Providing improved cleaning benefits and underfoot safety for both kids and staff.

Why Polyflor vinyl flooring is one of the best options for babies, toddlers and preschoolers?

The vinyl ranges including Palettone PUR from Polyflor are easy to clean and maintain, highly resistant to scratch, temporary water and dirt, softer and more comfortable for kids to sit and play than some other options like tile flooring. This is a very important factor to consider as hard flooring can be dangerous for babies and toddlers, who can easily fall and hurt themselves.

If you're interested to learn more about how Polyflor flooring can assist in creating safe and creative daycare environments, please contact us here.
You may also discover more about education flooring, along with some Polyflor Case Studies on our Education Brochure.

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