Palettone SD - ESD Flooring Supplier & Manufacturer

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Palettone SD - ESD Flooring Supplier & Manufacturer
Palettone SD - ESD Flooring Supplier & Manufacturer
Palettone SD - ESD Flooring Supplier & Manufacturer
Palettone SD - ESD Flooring Supplier & Manufacturer
Palettone SD - ESD Flooring Supplier & Manufacturer
Palettone SD - ESD Flooring Supplier & Manufacturer

As the leading vinyl flooring supplier in Malaysia, we provide a broad choice of high-quality products. Explore our extensive collection to find a wide range of flooring options that meet your needs.

As an ESD flooring supplier and manufacturers, we developed Palettone SD. It has been engineered for use where static control is required, but the resistance level of the floor does not need to be as low as that provided by a conductive floor.

Palettone SD stands out with its versatility and functionality. It is available in a choice of six attractive colourways, featuring a solid colour base enhanced by complementary toned highlights. The aesthetically pleasing design not only provides a visually appealing floor but also ensures effective static dissipation.

Whether you require ESD flooring for laboratories, electronics manufacturing facilities, hospitality, healthcare or other settings with sensitive equipment, Palettone SD delivers the right balance between static control and aesthetic appeal. Trust our expertise as an ESD flooring supplier and manufacturer to provide you with a reliable solution that meets your specific requirements.


The Polyflor ESD range offers a range of outstanding features specifically designed to address the challenges of electrostatic discharge. Engineered to combat electrostatic discharge at its source, these floorcoverings facilitate a uniform flow of static electricity directly to the ground point. With a homogeneous construction, the properties of Polyflor ESD floorcoverings are consistent throughout the product, ensuring reliable and effective performance. In addition to their exceptional functionality, Polyflor ESD products are environmentally conscious, as they are 100% recyclable and contain 25% recycled material. When static control is required, trust the engineered solutions of Polyflor Static Dissipative products.

Use Areas

These floorcoverings are ideal for use in telecommunications installations, computer rooms and healthcare facilities, such as scanner rooms, X-ray suites and operating theatres, also suitable for use in electronics manufacturing.

  • Hardwearing homogeneous contract sheet floor covering
  • Static dissipative properties
  • Engineered for ESD protection
  • BRE Global Generic A+ rating

Experience the combination of functionality, style, and sustainability with Palettone SD. Contact us today if you’re interested to know more on our Palettone PUR, noise-reduction vinyl flooring, or other flooring products. We are happy to help you.

Environmentally Preferable Flooring
Green Tag Certificate Gold
Polyflor PUR

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